Killavil NS School Mural

Killavil NS is located in rural Sligo and the area has a rich heritage in music with the proximity to the Coleman Centre. The school took a whole-school approach and wanted all children to participate in a collaborative mural celebrating Killavil’s history and also looking into the future. The children researched local history and developedContinue reading “Killavil NS School Mural”

School Mural, Scoil Ursula NS, Sligo

Scoil Ursula NS in Sligo, The school wished to promote pupil well-being through the development and placement of a collaborative mural for the schoolyard. 58 children from two 4th classes participated in the project. The children explored nature and a local forest “Hazelwood”. During the process, each child had the opportunity to find and expressContinue reading “School Mural, Scoil Ursula NS, Sligo”