School Mural, Scoil Ursula NS, Sligo

Scoil Ursula NS in Sligo, The school wished to promote pupil well-being through the development and placement of a collaborative mural for the schoolyard. 58 children from two 4th classes participated in the project. The children explored nature and a local forest “Hazelwood”. During the process, each child had the opportunity to find and express their own creative voice. A very rewarding and enjoyable project and here is the finished mural!

Hazelwood by 4th Classes, Scoil Ursula NS, Sligo. Teachers: Ms. M. Moreland, Ms. C. O’Keeffe & Ms. L. McHugh (Learning Support Teacher)

This project was made possible with the support of the Sligo Education Centre, BLAST (Bringing Live Arts to Students & Teachers), The Education Centre Tralee, and the Department of Education.

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