Art Residencies & Socially Engaged Art

Art Residencies. Please get in contact if you would like more information on a specific project.

The residencies below are usually taking place over a period of time and are mostly process driven to some degree. This gives everyone involved a chance to reflect and revisit their artwork. During the residencies, I have worked with primary and more recently secondary schools. The length of the residencies has allowed me to develop tools and some processes for working with larger groups of varied ages, abilities, and skills.

Killavil – Past – Present – Future. Mural, Killavil NS, Sligo. 2023. Whole school approach, 20 children. (BLAST) Working with the school to realize an outdoor mural. Developing a framework to let each child participate and contribute to the artwork. Find and adjust methods and tools to suit ability and age.

Hazelwood Mural, Scoil Ursula, Sligo. 2023. 4th Classes, 58 children. (BLAST) All children participated in this large mural placed in the schoolyard for the whole school to enjoy. They sketched, painted, scaled up their artwork, and finally painted outside.

“We are all unique, but we are the same” , Collaborative Artwork, St Attractas Community College, Tubbercurry. 94 Transition year students. 2023. (BLAST)

Queen Meadbh & The Brown Bull of Cooley, Carraroe NS, Sligo. 2nd class. 2023. (BLAST) The class reflected on the local legend of Meadhbh and the bull. The children worked in groups exploring and using multiple materials like fabric, sprigs, sand, shells and paint.

Boat building, McCanns Boatyard. Carns NS, Sligo. Whole school approach. 2022 (BLAST) The junior room constructed and created their own boats. The senior room built boats made of recycled materials.

Australia – the Rainforest – exploring new cultures. Scoil Ursula, Sligo. Senior Infants & 6th class. 2022 (BLAST)

Exploring Australia,. Scoil Ursula, Sligo. Senior Infants. 2022 (TAP – Teacher Artist Partnership) During the residency the artist and teacher worked in partnership to let the children explore traditional Australian weaving by weaving the Great Barrier Reef and adding sea creatures and sea life. The children made coral reefs out of sticks and tried making natural colors out of blackberries.

China – Learning about other cultures by exploring Inventions. Scoil Ursula, Sligo. 5th classes. 2022 (TAP – Teacher Artist Partnership)

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