Killavil NS School Mural

Killavil NS is located in rural Sligo and the area has a rich heritage in music with the proximity to the Coleman Centre. The school took a whole-school approach and wanted all children to participate in a collaborative mural celebrating Killavil’s history and also looking into the future. The children researched local history and developed their own art. Thereafter on the opposite wall, think about how their area would change in the future. During the process the whole school participated and we developed the process and tools for all children to take part.

You can find more photos from our process here on the school’s webpage.

Killavil – Past – Present – Future. Mural by all children at Killavil NS, 2023.
Teachers: Mr B. Carty, Ms L. Finnegan & Ms S. McGettrick – SNA, Marie Fleming – SET.

This project was made possible with the support of the Sligo Education Centre, BLAST (Bringing Live Arts to Students & Teachers), The Education Centre Tralee, and the Department of Education.

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