Illustration for Packaging Design

“Thanks to new technologies, it is possible to work from anywhere. Young people and families are drawn to more sustainable ways of living, and for many the daily commute has been changed for quality time in nature. People have the time to explore and appreciate more healthy ways of living. Life has again become intertwined with nature through sports like surfing, paddle boarding, walking, climbing and ocean swimming. The link between physical- as well as mental wellbeing and nature is strong. Living in the West of Ireland, you learn to appreciate all the moods of the pristine Atlantic Ocean and try to reduce your environmental impact as nature’s wellbeing is directly linked with yours. I have illustrated some of Connacht’s most special places to enjoy the outdoors, but there are plenty more that I will leave for you to discover yourself on your travels!”

Good stuff. I’ve been working lately on a limited edition design for new Eco-Friendly-Sleeves for HEINZ. 100% of proceeds from each €4 multipack will go towards Heinz Ireland’s official charity partner, Barnardos Ireland, helping them to transform the lives of vulnerable children who are affected by adverse childhood experiences. Get can get your limited edition pack and check out the other artists: Fatti Burke, Jacky Sheridan and Fuchsia Macaree at

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